Many Children, Family
Part of speech:
This has been given by Stone as [geithouwil bambonga] with the meaning of 'family'.
(Note - The spelling of 'pembengguk' in this database has been corrected from 'pembemgguk' which appears on page 24 of the print version of the 'WembaWemba Dictionary'. It appears that this was most likely a 'typo' that occurred during publication by Hercus of the two sections of the Dictionary around 1992. In the English - Wamba Wamba section on page 87 Hercus listed 'family - kethawil-pembengguk'. This is also the spelling she used in 'Victorian Languages - a Late Survey' on pages 56 and 174.)
Alternate use:
Say 'ked-ah-wiil pem-beng-uuk'. (In 'kethawil' the 'e' is as in 'pet', 'th' is a 'stop' (tip of tongue to back of teeth),'a' as in 'path', 'i' as in 'hill', in 'pembengguk' both 'e's' are long nasalised 'e's (are followed by the nasalised consonant 'm' & 'ng'), 'ng' is one sound (back of tongue to top of mouth), 'u' as in 'put', . Both words 3 syllables. Emphasise 1st syllable of each 'ked' & 'pem'.)
Family, Human

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