Language English
* malkila-wil paralysed Details
malkilən deformed Details
malu over there in the distance, further away still (not just out of sight) Details
mam father Details
mam-kurringek late father, (my) Details
mamba to be tired Details
mamba perhaps Details
mambaya to be exhausted, to be worn out Details
mambulin kidney fat (yours) Details
man small land leech Details
manmulakaty shame on you! Details
manya that one some distance away Details
manya mithiyən wikən Last month Details
manyu there, further away, out of sight, Details
manyə hand Details
manyənyuk necklace made from crayfish claws lit. 'its claw' Details
manyərap-kurrk plain plover Details
* manək-manək trefoil Details
** manəwity many, vast number Details
mapa to lie, to tell lies Details
mapila to deceive, to go round telling lies to people Details
* mapila-wil liar Details
* mapiyal platypus Details
marang-marang mirage Details
marangin finger: second finger (yours) Details
marap-marap grinding stone for tomahawks Details
Marn Light cloud Details
marndar thunder Details
marra meat ant Details
* marrang canoe paddle, no prongs Details