Language English
walwalak little black cormorant Details
* walən crayfish, soft Details
* wam stupid person, idiot Details
wan boomerang Details
* wana waist Details
wanap fire, firewood Details
wanggəl reed-bed, a mass of cumbungi Details
wanggərrel cormorant, large black and white Details
Wanilu Swan Hill Details
wantima to want Details
* wantya-wil strong Details
wany egret, white crane Details
wanyakayi catfish Details
wara to walk, to come Details
waripa to dance, to corroboree Details
wariwa to go away Details
** warpur, warpurr, native willow Details
warra colour, appearance Details
warram back Details
* warrang-warrang songs, corroboree Details
* warrangga to sing Details
** warrity far Details
warrm- behind Details
* warrpa wailing, funeral song Details
warruperpuk Day after tomorrow Details
** wartin kalk Message stick Details
warəma to scratch to hurt Details
warən covered Details
Warəngel Large long-necked turtle Details
warəngin left hand (yours) Details