Language English
watha brown sand goanna Details
wathaminyuk cunning Details
wathip, watyip son Details
wathipuk, watyipuk young one (of bird or animal) Details
* wathən toothpick Details
wathəntyən dead, deceased Details
Watiwati name of the neighbouring people to the west downstream on the Murray from Swan Hill. Details
watypala white man Details
* watən stone knife Details
wawa to follow Details
wawin brother, elder brother (yours) Details
wawurr soft feathers, down Details
wayinlarr lightning Details
weka to laugh Details
wekuwa to laugh loudly, to make a cackling sound like a possum Details
wemba no, not; Details
Wemba-min No thank you Details
* wembakən never Details
* wembungga to lose Details
weny-weny clothes Details
wer(ə)ka to carry Details
* weraya be slow Details
werkitya to work Details
Werkul name of the Wakool river Details
werkuwa to carry something heavy a long way Details
wermila to bark Details
werpuk tree-trunk Details
* Werpuk name of Boga Lake entrance Details
* werreka-tyarəm throwing spear, long, made of mallee Details
werrka to hurry Details