Language English
werrka to hurry Details
werrkak, werrki quickly! hurry up! Details
werrkuwerrkuwa to rush with frenzied speed Details
werrpana to pull out, to catch (a fish) Details
werrpanakata fishing place Details
wika to be hungry, to starve, to die Details
wikən dead Details
wil stone curlew Details
- wil having Details
wile brush-tail possum Details
* wilem lightning Details
wilka to turn round Details
wilkar dingo Details
* wilkil-mir squint-eyed Details
wilkila to twist and turn around continually Details
* wilty-karr nostril Details
wilək-wilək galah Details
winaka to leave off, to let go Details
winaktyerra to leave one another, to separate Details
winakuwa to abandon Details
windya where? Details
windya-kat Where indeed? I don't know! Details
windyaluk whereabouts? Details
* windyentap dwarf Details
* wininyuk pouched mouse Details
winma to cover up Details
* winmu, winmur, sowthistle Details
winyarr who? Details
winyatuk which one? Details
* wiran black cockatoo Details