Language English
* kepin manyə pulety pulety nine - 9 Details
kepin pa kaləpul three - 'one and two' Details
kerning bone awl Details
kerrinyuk fin (its), fish-fin Details
kerrə-kerrək kestrel, named from its call Details
kethawil many, vast number Details
kethawil-pembengguk many children, family Details
* kethul friend, companion Details
kiki here, now Details
kikwa then, right then Details
kila that one close by, now, soon, by and by, Details
kilamerrr-malamerrr here and there Details
kilayitya long ago Details
kiluwity today Details
kinga here Details
kingga here, hither Details
kinmer these Details
kinya this one close by Details
kir urine Details
kira leaves, foliage of trees Details
kira-kumba-wil Water Pepper Details
kiranyuk its leaves, name of Davie's Swamp - Boga, name of Kerang Details
kirityila to urinate Details
kirritya to cook on coals Details
kirrk sky, heaven Details
kirrkundity God 'from heaven' Details
* kirrkəmbul banded stilt Details
kirrpa to pull Details
kiwa right now, immediately Details
* kiwarra broombush Details