Language English
wurəwil,wurəwurətayil blue, green Details
wutha to put down, to lower to the ground Details
wuthu man, male Details
wuthu payingguk small boy Details
wutya sap, resin of wattle trees Details
wutya-wutya sweet, sweet resin Details
wutyert blue-winged shoveller duck, Details
wutyup stomach, belly Details
wutyəpuk pregnant 'belly-hers' Details
wuyipuwala to blow up (storm) Details
yakuwa to dream Details
* yalam plant: with edible root, wild carrot, Details
yalang-yalang idiot, stupid person Details
** yaləm mushroom Details
yaləp-yaləp finger: first finger Details
yanap myall, tree Details
yanap-wil dingo, disobedient cur Details
yanarang sparrow hawk Details
yandang I Details
yandeyuk mine, my own Details
Yandye-mile placename, Boga Details
yangga to walk Details
yangguwa to walk past Details
yanggəman calf about twelve months old Details
yangur we Details
yangureyuk ours Details
* yapul-yapity nankeen crane Details
yarka to search for, to expect Details
yarkuwa to look for, to search for over a long distance Details
yarəman horse Details