Language English
kiya to speak Details
kiyawety this way, hither Details
Kiyawety-mayowety Hither and thither Details
kiyern immoral woman, term of abuse Details
Kolety name of the Edward River (N) Details
kuka grandmother, grandchild, Details
kukal caterpillar, sawfly larvae in clusters on tree Details
kukitya, kukityala to cook Details
* kul-wil musk duck Details
kulaya to be wet Details
kulayatang, kulətang wet Details
kuli people, crowd Details
* kuli-wutyup savage, fierce Details
kulingula, kulingulaya to feel shy Details
kulingulang shy person Details
kulinya to hate, to dislike strongly Details
* kulk large drag net Details
kulkən youth, teenager (up to about 15 years) Details
kuma raw food Details
kumba to lie down, to sleep Details
* kumbi-purrp sleepy person 'sleepy-head' Details
kunakal, kunyikal underneath Details
* kunaty marshmallow Details
* kunatyila-wil dark, dark-coloured Details
kunawar swan Details
* kunert cottonweed, ground cudweed Details
* Kunert-kunert name of Round Lake near Kerang, 'lot of cottonweed' Details
kungaya to keep quiet Details
kungayap-kat secret Details
kungayi! quiet! shut up! Details