Language English
kunikaluk hell i.e. 'belonging to down below' Details
kunənyuk, kuninyuk guts, faeces (his, her, its) Details
kupa to drink Details
kuperri drinking (alcohol), a drunken party Details
kupila, var. kupula to drink continually, to drink alcohol Details
kupulang drunkard Details
* kurang pirr river, 'large stream', Details
kurn throat Details
kurng-kurng kookaburra Details
kurngga to be heavy Details
kurnwil snake: general term, also black snake Details
* kurranduk big, large grinding stone Details
kurraty-wil fat person Details
kurratyuk fat (his/her/its), fat other than kidney fat, grease Details
kurre kangaroo: grey kangaroo Details
* kurre-wil star: Sirius Details
kurri cross cousin, male or female Details
kurrk blood Details
Kurrk blood, name of Boga Railway station, according to Stone, because of an ancient battle Details
- kurrk female Details
kurrk-kurrkuk warrawil red, 'having the colour of blood' Details
kurrk-mali eastern rosella 'blood-chest' Details
* kurrkumba to be covered in blood Details
kurrkuty saltbush with red-coloured berries Details
* Kurrm name of the Lake Boga area Details
kurrmbuk breast, milk (her) Details
* Kurrmtyanyuk name of the Lake Boga people, Wembawemba people who took over from the original Perəpaperəpa speaking 'Catfish' people Details
kurruluk black-backed magpie Details
kurrumbaya to be jealous Details
kurrumbit, kurumbituk big, tall Details