Language English
kuyintyi house, Details
Kuyiwi-piyal name of L Albert Details
kuyən spear: stabbing spear Details
kwe friend! mate! Details
la, larr stone Details
* lalaya to hurt , headache Details
* lalunga to insure, to hurt, sunstroke Details
lambrruk many, vast number Details
* lanyuk crayfish antennae Details
lar camp, home, bark shelter Details
larinjuk lungs (his) Details
larnginyuk ribs (his) Details
* larrkert bark, thin Details
larrpa to throw Details
* larəmbarnəm pectoral rail Details
* Larəmbarnəm name of Lake Boga senior elder, who died about 1840 Details
latyuk naked Details
lawan mallee hen Details
lepuwəla to hunt up, to chase Details
lerri claw, (finger)nail Details
lerri-manya fingernails Details
lerri-tyina toenail, claw Details
lerrk woman, female Details
lerrk-mul women in a group, a lot of women Details
lerrk-payingkuk girl, female child Details
lerrəp pectoral rail Details
lerəp manna from scale insects Details
letwil kindling wood, small sticks Details
lety-lety mythical, spotted and dog-like animal Details
lil manna, sweet resin, resin of wattle Details