Language English
Marrert name of David Taylor, grandfather of the Day family and well-known for his knowledge of songs and histories Details
marrik-marrik wind, cold wind Details
marrku that (other) one Details
Marrtyirri name of Sandy Cameron, a Wembawemba man from Melool b. about 1850 Details
marruk multitude, large group. Details
* marruk-marru-ngurak chief or headman, practically king of several local tribes Details
marrung tree: Murray pine, Callitris columellaris Details
* marrəm possum fur Details
* martər swift Details
* maruk-maruk sharpening stone, mussell shell grinding stone, Details
marəng, marng cloud: dark cloud Details
matembola to call as witness Details
matha boss, master Details
mathang greedy Details
mathang-wil greedy person Details
mathimuk wife (his) Details
matyəm possum-rug Details
** mayit bastard saltbush Details
mayo over there, very far away Details
mayo-tya distant place Details
mayomerr yonder, over there, in the distance Details
mayowety that way, some distance away Details
* mek grub, wattle goat moth, ground grub Details
* merentyemən cold Details
merk ankle Details
merk-manya wrist Details
merkuk ankle (his) Details
merriny wind Details
mert-meril large black cormorant Details
merterruk bone (his) Details