Language English
lil manna, sweet resin, resin of wattle Details
liluk scales (its), the scales of a fish Details
lim ring-necked or mallee parrot Details
lip spike Details
lip-lip-wil crayfish Details
lipkwil echidna Details
lirri mosquito Details
lirrk death adder Details
lithaya to be sharp Details
lithayatang sharp, pointy Details
lithkuna to sharpen to a point, to splinter, to trim to a sharp point Details
lithpuk splinter Details
liya teeth Details
* liyangi-kurə necklace made from kangaroo teeth Details
liyə-wil (1) waddy, hooked and pointed waddy used as a battleaxe Details
liyək-wil bull ant Details
liyəwil (2) jagged, 'teeth-having' Details
liyəwil (3) mosquito Details
* lukal oven, midden, Details
lum ring-neck parrot Details
luthak waterhole Details
luthakuk abdomen: lower abdomen (his/her/its) Details
mala that one over there in the far distance Details
malamerr over there (distant), far away Details
malamiya long ago Details
malamən shut up! Details
malamən-tya distant place, a far away country Details
malanga far away Details
malka-pula timesticks (two), clap sticks, Details
malkarr waddy shield Details