Language English
tyurra to speak ill of Details
tyurrila to gossip Details
tyurrilang gossip, rumour mongerer Details
tyurrmbang poisoner Details
tyurung long, tall person Details
tyurung-kuthewiny lengthways, from head to tail Details
* tyurung-pility worm Details
tyurung-wil emu Details
tyurunggi-pili big-belly, a grossly fat person Details
tyuyipa to make level or smooth Details
wa crow or raven Details
wa-kurringin late elder brother, (your) Details
wak paddle of canoe Details
wakatang determined, obstinate, Details
wakatanga to be obstinate Details
* walaka- possessive pronominal base Details
* walang- personal pronoun base Details
walangandak we Details
* walangandakana us Details
* walangek I Details
* walanggin you Details
** walanyuk tomahawk grinding stone, Details
* walanyuk he, she, it, Details
waletya to come near, approach Details
waletyuwa, waletyuwana to come very close Details
waleyuk yours: belonging to you two, emphatic possessive Details
walma to forget Details
walpa to smoulder Details
walpukana to look around Details
walurk porcupine grass Details