Language English
wirimbula ears Details
wirimbəliny spider Details
* wirimbəliny tyeliwil red backed spider Details
wirpa to hide, to go into hiding Details
wirra to flow Details
wirraka to swim Details
* Wirremanda name of Ivanhoe Stewart of Boga, Details
wirrenggal yellowbelly, callop, golden perch, Details
wirrengən dog Details
** wirrp wound, injury Details
wirrparr buggy Details
wirrəka to run, to hurry Details
wirta to whistle Details
* wirwa to climb, to rise Details
* wit winter Details
* wit panyalu autumn Details
with-with throwing stick, toy Details
* withe pirr creek, 'small stream', Details
withe-kama scorpion Details
* withe-nguraty loin covering Details
witheyuk Small grinding stone, small, little Details
withən feather Details
withən-wil yawirr bird, general term 'feathered creature' Details
withəwa to return, to go home Details
* withəwil wan playing boomerang Details
* wity-wity-mambul welcome swallow Details
* wity-wity-ngani waddy, large, three sided Details
wityerrikong budgerrigar Details
* wityərrum waterlily, large Details
* wiya water-root mallee Details